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     First show of the year and lot's of fun.

     This is the spring Texas Independance Day rally, held on... you guessed it, Texas's Independance Day.

      Great weather, good crowd, lot's of things to do and a pretty damn good party. Nothing like starting the year off in style to get you fired up about the upcoming rally season.

      I like this show a lot, it reminds me of the old days when people used to ride their motorcycles out to the shows. Bike games both Friday and Saturday afternoons are a blast, and they had several good bands out there and a couple of contests every night to liven things up.

      I went, I saw and I had a great time. If you're looking for a good little rally to get out of the house and hit up for some early season fun I highly recommend it. They've got another fall show coming up, visit their web site (on the right) and check it out.

      Biker BoB gives this show 7/10 beer cans


Texas HOT rally motorcycle games
Motorcycle Games
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Texas HOT rally motorcycle show
Motorcycle Show
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texas hot rally photos
Texas HOT Rally shots
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texas hot rally burnout contest
Burnout and Loud Pipes
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People Photos
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quick info at a glance
ENTRY FEES : $35 4 day Event pass, $25 3 day Event pass, $20 2 day Event pass, $150 R.V.SPACE with water and electric and one 4 day event pass.

LIVE BANDS : Nasty Habits, Wasted Ace, King Onus, Rodeo Clown Dropouts, Dr Shame's Love Circus and the Electric Blues Crew


OTHER ENTERTAINMENT : Motorcycle show, Bike games (Friday and Saturday), Poker run, Sunday AM church services.

CONTESTS : Worst Tattoo contest, Loudest pipes contest, Burnout contest, Beer chugging contest, Best women's ass contest, Best men's ass contest, Naughty nighty contest, Camel Toe contest

RALLY GROUNDS : Located outdoors next to JP Cycles in Groesbeck, Texas on private property. Large open field with very limited shade trees. Grass and dirt roads. Some RV Hookups (reserve early) and plenty of tent and trailer camping space. Free showers.

more info? visit their site at

bands - bands dr shames love circus
bands Dr Shames Love Circus
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bands king onus
bands King Onus
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bands midnight electric blues
bands Midnight Electric Blues Crew
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bands rodeo clown dropouts
bands Rodeo Clown Dropouts
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bands wasted ace
bands Wasted Ace
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