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Lapine, AL

photos of the Highly Kind band
the Highly Kind band

At the last minute they had a second band come out and play, somebody tell me who they were?
suprise last minute band

DATES : May 14-16th, 2010

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter


ENTRY FEES : $25 per person, day pass available for $20. Electrical hookups available for an additional $25 for the entire show.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Mr and Mrs Shine in Lapine contests, Wet tee shirt contest, Men's wet boxer contest, Homemade bikini contest

LIVE BANDS : Highly Kind band, one other band

CAMPGROUNDS : Lot's of open space, few electrical hookups available. Some shade, but limited. Grass fields. Nice little stage, with vendors lined up on either side. Private property, very secluded. Small shower house with hot water.

GAMES : Traditional Saturday afternoon biker games, Sex positions 101 game, condom popping contest, Toilet bowl and plunger game.

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Saturday afternoon biker rodeo games
Saturday afternoon games

Saturday afternoon biker rodeo games
my favorite motorcycles of this show

Saturday afternoon biker rodeo games
people pictures

      Another first time show for me.

      Shine in Lapine is a new rally that started up last summer and I thought I'd check it out. Sometimes good things do come in small packages.

      Something like 400 people or so showed up so the turnout was smaller than many of the rallies I go to... but it was 400 of the right kind of people if you know what I mean. This place is on VERY private property, it's a little hard to find. But once you get there it's well worth the trip, they party hard!

      The weather was great, they had a couple of bands out there banging out some tunes, lots of contests, some Saturday afternoon biker games, an early morning poker run... these guys are doing everything right. Which explains why people have a good time there and why their show is growing. And being an adults only rally way out in the backwoods it's clothing optional all weekend long.

      This rally sort of reminds me of the old days where everybody just met up somewhere and had themselves a good time. I enjoyed it and I bet you would also. Certainly worth going back to, I could see Shine in Lapine taking off and growing into one of those rallies that you really don't want to miss.

      They've got another show scheduled for mid-October, check out their web site for more info. If you like to party without any kids around I'd recommend you give this one a try.

      Bob rates this party a 6/10